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1908, 2014

Tralee RFC & CROSS Donal’s Mountain 2014

The annual CROSS Rugby Legends cycle takes place from the 6th to the 13th of September this year heading from Mizen Head to Malin Head. Once again the event is being headed up by Paul Wallace and his brothers Richard and David with this year’s legends including names such as such as Australian captain Phil

808, 2013


Hi Dan,

Ok this bike thing is getting serious. I went out on Tuesday with Chris and a couple of guys from Tralee Chain Gang and clocked up 64k in 2hrs and 25 minutes. Then on Saturday Myself & John from the hotel took on Caha once more. 54K in 1 hr & 52 minutes. We

3107, 2013

Letter to Donal

Hi Donal

Missed out on my visit to you on my Monday cycle but I do have an excuse! I had intended as my route to hit Molls Gap from home to see how bad that particular run really is. Killarney was no problem and then I headed up towards the gap but a mist closed

1306, 2013

Paul Wallace

We are delighted to announce Paul Wallace will join the Tralee cyclists to Molls Gaps.


1306, 2013

25 New Signups

Fionnbar has signed up the first 25 cyclists from Tralee Rugby Club.


1306, 2013

Mick Says Hello

Mick Galwey sends his best regards and will see you in Tralee on the 13th