Hi Dan,

Ok this bike thing is getting serious. I went out on Tuesday with Chris and a couple of guys from Tralee Chain Gang and clocked up 64k in 2hrs and 25 minutes. Then on Saturday Myself & John from the hotel took on Caha once more. 54K in 1 hr & 52 minutes. We are getting fairly good at this but I’m really beginning to appreciate where you had got to in such a short time with prosthetic knee & only two thirds lung capacity.

When we were coming down from Caha we could see the weather begin to change and so we didn’t force the brakes too much in an effort to beat it. Hit Glengarrif and all was well, but the clouds were getting darker, so kept motoring and then when we just arrived at Ballylickey the heavens opened. Bad enough the flies, bad enough the wind but this rain bucketed down so much so that the glasses were not able to cope. I would have needed wipers on full blast to even see a little of where we were going. It didn’t matter, we just were so wet, we trudged on to Bantry and the lads in the hotel had a grand laugh at the two sopping mid life crises that returned from their ride!

Ah well another day tomorrow.

Talk soon