Hi Donal

Missed out on my visit to you on my Monday cycle but I do have an excuse! I had intended as my route to hit Molls Gap from home to see how bad that particular run really is. Killarney was no problem and then I headed up towards the gap but a mist closed in and after the sunshine of the previous weeks made the road very slippy and I felt the bike give a few times, “Might need new tyres soon” I thought. It was getting bad a couple of Kilometres below Ladies View and I then put safety first and decided I wasn’t going to trust coming down in this as it might be too dangerous so I turned back. At this stage I had gone about 9 of the 17 Kilometres from Killarney.

Got back to town safely and the ominous looking clouds were threatening to break the summer we had enjoyed for the last month so I took cover until they blew over or it rained. After about thirty minutes it looked safe to move on and so I did. I had just done about 1 mile when I heard the most distressing sound ever Psssshhhhh, yep you have guessed it a puncture on the back wheel. That is when I realised how unprepared this “cyclist” really is. I had no repair kit, no spare tube, no pump and worst of all I even forgot my mobile phone! Here I was stuck a mile at
the wrong side of Killarney and none of the above. I started walking back to town when nearing the roundabout who should turn up only Pam Barret, from rugby. An angel in disguise who picked me & bike up and carried us home. Think the lesson here is “fulfil your commitment cycle to your son or get punished by the puncture but even he relents and sends an angel”.

Talk soon